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Jun. 18th, 2010

Plot Suggestions

Got a suggestion for a game-wide plot here in Skynest? Then feel free to tell us here!

However, please keep a few things in mind when you give us your plot ideas:
  • A doable premise. Plots are all good and well, but we'd like them to actually fit within the game's limitations. Also, we won't be doing any crack plots here. Sorry!
  • Realistic timeframe. Longer plots are fun, but dragging them out for longer than a few weeks is just silly. Make sure the time for your plot is doable for any time on the calendar (although we will listen to holiday-specific ones, too!).
  • Make it interesting for everyone! Don't fall into the trap of doing what can only be interesting to a specific character or cast. Make sure everyone can have some fun with it!
Also, please keep in mind that the mods already have some plots planned out, and that Skynest also has a "main plot." We'll reply to your plot suggestions when we receive them here.

Comments are screened so we don't spoil the surprise, but also be sure to remember to tell us if you have notifications turned off so we can still reach you!


If you are dropping a character, then please let us know by commenting here.

Comment with this code:


If you are going on hiatus, then please comment to this post so the mods will know where you are.

The longest allowed hiatus is one month. If there are any complications or needs to extend beyond this period, please speak with a mod!

Comment here using the following code:

May. 16th, 2010


An ancient legend tells of a great treasure hidden in the skies. Countless men have fought one another just for a hint as to its wherabouts, and have even killed those that rivaled their search. Flying machines were invented to search for this great treasure and have gone around the world...except for only one place. In this area, many aircraft either , crashed mere days after, or were forced to turn around at some point.

Many years have passed. Many people say that the treasure is a myth. Others say it was a prank. Some claim that it is gone forever. But what is this treasure? No one has been able to discover the truth, only that whomever finds it will possess great power.

The area of the sky where no one has been able to explore...the one place no one has seen...it has been named "Skynest" by several on the surface, and now you are here. Will you seek an escape, or information of the treasure? Should you find knowledge of this treasure that is rumored to be here, what will you do? Will you seek it? Will you protect it or claim it as your own? Whatever you choose, you are trapped here, and you cannot escape...not even in death.

This is your home, and whatever lies in wait for you here, it seeks you out. It calls to you. It demands that you stay.

And until it allows you to leave, you have no choice but to do so.

Apr. 14th, 2010


Please note that these maps are for player reference only; characters do not have access to them (although goblins are more than happy to provide directions if you ask).

The sky city, referred to as "Skynest" by the local goblin population, is divided into nine sections, each connected by a bridge (with the exception of the Temple). Near each bridge is a small stable housing only a few gryphons each. The city is also surrounded by a stone fence roughly four feet high to help prevent people from accidentally stepping over the edge. The buildings and brickwork are strongly reminiscent of ancient Mayan architecture.

Every so often, dragons can be seen circling above or around the city at a very long distance away.

With no official name, the residences are each outfitted like a typical hotel suite, with a living room, bedroom and bathroom. In spite of the rest of the city's appearance, the rooms are relatively modern. The main difference between the two is their location.

The northern plaza is home to several restaurants and bars. Each of the facilities are run by goblins, though it's worth noting that the ones in the bar are more talkative than any of the other goblins to be found in the city.

The library is also located here, and is open to the public, but the goblins in charge there (whom are rarely ever seen besides) rarely allow any books or scrolls to be checked out.

The southern plaza of Skynest consist almost exclusively of the stalls and vendors that make up the marketplace. Although a number of them are empty (thus open for characters to take over them), the ones in business are run by the local goblins, whom sell a number of foods, clothing, and other goods. The sound of vendors calling out and advertising their goods fills the marketplace all during the day, while it remains peacefully quiet when the sun goes down.

The only part of the sky city with grass underfoot, the western plaza is home to Skynest's park and a large pond, as well as the gardens. There are strict regulations regarding fishing in the pond, although it is perfectly safe to swim in. It is this section of the city that teems most with natural life.

The infirmary has a section of its own in the far southwest corner of Skynest. The goblins here are strict when it comes to their patients' health, but are very potent doctors.

A small square just in front of the shrine and between the two resident buildings. The stable here is twice as big as the standard ones, and messenger birds can be found in large numbers here, second only to the western plaza.

The inside of the shrine is elegant, spacious, and eerily empty. Many djinns and fairies gather here, but for some odd reason, the goblins never tread the grounds. There is a large door in the back of the building, but in spite of its purpose it will not budge.

The only section of the city, the temple is off-limits to anyone who can't fly, and the gryphons refuse to land there. Anyone attempting to get too close will find themselves chased away promptly by one of the lesser dragons.

Concerns and Inquiries

Got a question about Skynest? Feel free to put it here! The mods will get back to you on it as soon as possible!

If you would like your question to be discussed privately, feel free to PM us and we'll get right back with you.

IP logging is turned off, Anonymous comments are enabled.

Apr. 11th, 2010


The people drawn to Skynest aren't the only ones here. Various creatures also inhabit the place, although hardly to cause trouble...aside, perhaps, from the gargoyles. While pestering them offers little repremand, killing any of the inhabitants is a very bad idea, and those that do are usually drawn into the shrine and don't come back out...

Rare creatures require mod permission to encounter unless otherwise specified by rules, mods, events, or anything similar. More creatures may be added to the list as time goes on.

Commonly seen running shops and other facilities, goblins don't talk very much and care only for business. Although cooperative and helpful when it comes to finding things and giving directions, the goblins won't answer any questions about Skynest, and absolutely refuse to talk about the shrine.

These tiny, flying creatures can often be found flying around various parts of the city, their perch of choice varying between a plant, a windowsill, a building, and you. Like the goblins, they are helpful, but generally won't talk to you. They also have a thing for mischief, and may cause a little trouble, but nothing serious.

Djinn (rare)
These small elemental beings are responsible for the weather in Skynest, among other things. Generally, they'll help out when asked, but they're not very easy to find. The most sightings of djinns is near the shrine.

Creatures with the head, wings, and front legs of an eagle and the hind legs and tail of a lion. They serve as a mode of transportation for residents of Skynest, and are fairly docile. They will absolutely refuse to go far from the city, however, and will turn back if flown too far.

Gargoyles (rare)
Probably the only hostile entity in Skynest, and also not a native. Gargoyles may only appear on rare occasions, but they are a menace when they do. Normally they never get past the dragons that fly about the city from time to time. No one is certain why the gargoyles attack Skynest, only that they do so viciously.

Messenger Birds
Highly intelligent and obedient, these birds are often found flying about the sky and delivering letters when not resting in their nests scattered about Skynest. One need only tell these birds where they must deliver their letter, and the job will be promptly done. They are easily frightened by signs of danger, but their sense of duty is high.

Dragons (rare)
These dragons are roughly the size of a large horse, and can be seen from time to time flying far in the distance, either above the city or around it. They are also seen every so often when someone dies, only briefly appearing up close to take away whomever was unfortunate enough to die. While these creatures won't harm you, testing their patience isn't a good idea either.

The Shrine Beast (rare)


Skynest isn't without its dangers, and death can still happen. However, death is not the end here...unless you want it to be. When your character dies, they will be unable to return for a day. The second time, two days. The third, three days, and so on. After the fifth time, however, it will take a week for your character to come back, and they won't come back fully healed from their escapade, whatever it was.


The current character limit is four per mun. Depending on how the game grows, this may change. Also, please try not to have more than two characters from the same fandom. As usual, when in doubt, see a mod.


We shouldn't have to struggle to read what you write! We know it's fun to abuse the English language and use that big sparkly text and all, but please, PLEASE put that all underneath a LJ cut. We don't want to make anyone's computer spontaneously combust, now.

Remember, IC =/= OOC. Although the goblins around the city may provide a bit of helpful information for you, they won't tell you everything, and they certainly don't tell much, anyway. Which leads us to...

You are NOT allowed to control the overall setting of the game or certain NPCs without explicit permission. Killing another character or an NPC requires permission, too. Violating this rule is a very fast ticket to getting permanently banned.

All mature content must be placed underneath a LJ cut and given an appropriate warning. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to do so will result in a warning, and continued abuse will result in the permanent boot from the game.

Currently we'd like to see one post per month. While we have no obligations as to tags or logs, please make an effort to be active.

We realize character development happens, but please try to stay in-character. For example, don't make a normally happy character emo all over the Nest, please.

Original Characters are allowed in Skynest, however, we don't appreciate sues and stus from ANY canon. Anyone found doing so will be asked to refrain and placed on warning.

Canon updating your character will result in them leaving Skynest for three days. When they return, you may choose whether or not to have them retain their memories of Skynest. Also, if they've been cured of the virus, they will contract it again upon return.

Your character's powers are limited so long as they still have the virus that all newcomers. There will be some aspects of their powers that they cannot use at all, or they may be able to use all of their powers, but not to their full extent. This choice is up to you. Currently, there is no known cure for the virus, but one will appear as the game progresses. This rule may be affected by certain in-game events.

This should go without saying, guys. No godmoding or any of that crap without the other player's permission. And be nice, please. Discrimination against other players will not be tolerated.

There's a page for this! If your player plots will be affecting more than a few select people, drop a note in the plot suggestion page for it to be approved by a mod. Don't start them without permission; the mods might already have something planned.

Characters will not be applicable for Skynest until at least one week after their canon is released. For example, Aqua may not be applied for until Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep has been released for at least a week.

Apr. 10th, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions


So I got dumped into a city floating in the sky. What's the deal with supplies and whatnot? SOMEONE'S got to be running this place, right?
Fortunately for you, the city's supplies are constantly being replenished. Don't think that you can abuse this, however; taking more of your share can get you in trouble.

What about transportation? I'm too cool for the walkways and getting from one side to the other takes too long on foot.
Fortunately for you, there are several stables with gryphons in them. They're already saddled up and ready for you to ride when you need them. They're fast, free, and reliable. If you want to, you can also ride them on the ground instead of in the air. Don't think about taking them too far outside the city, however; they'll just turn around and fly right on back.

WTF happened to my powers, dood!?
A virus infects all newcomers. Although it has no official name, we all know for certain that it disrupts your powers. It may block off onyl part of your powers, or it may limit your power instead. For example, Spiderman might not be able to shoot webs very far or stick very well to buildings, or he might be able to stick to buildings but not shoot webs at all. The choice is yours, but either way your powers aren't what they used to be.

Are there any monsters to terrorize us?
Fortunately, Skynest is kept relatively safe, and monsters only come near on rare occasions. The only creatures you'll find here are highly docile and even friendly. However, on occasion you may find a small herd of dragons - each about the size of a large horse - flying around or above Skynest. They won't stray near you, but if you come too close they are more than happy to chase you back toward the safety of the city by whatever means necessary.

Sometimes. there is also an ominous growl from the shrine at the very center of the city. Perhaps there is a mighty beast in there, as well...?

Who's in charge of this place, anyway?
Who indeed? Although you may occasionally hear of a guardian of sorts, no one truly knows who rules the city. Be warned, however, this doesn't mean you have free reign. Someone IS watching you, making sure you don't get yourself or others killed.

But what if I do get myself killed?
That's rather unfortunate for you, isn't it? Well, not to worry; you'll be fine. Well, except for the whole dying bit. Shortly after your death, one of those smaller dragons that you may see from time to time will swoop down out of the air, snatch up the body and fly away. There's no stopping them; they know the lay of the city far too well and they fly too fast to catch on gryphon or on your own.

After about a day, you'll wake up in the nest you first arrived in. There's a catch, however. If you got rid of that pesky virus somehow, it came right on back. Plus, you might have lost all or some of your memories of being in Skynest.

The second time you happen to die, it'll take two days to come back. Third time, three days, and so on. After the fifth time, whoever's putting you back together won't be too impressed, and from then on it'll take you a week to come back every time, and you won't be feeling as wonderful, either.

Okay, so...how do we communicate?
Remember those gemstones you woke up with? They work on voice command and transmit voice signals, as well as video and text (via holograms). Currently there's no real way to lock any posts...well, there is, but it's very faulty and failed locks will happen.

But what about the language barrier?

Fortunately, the gemstones are also capable of translating spoken language...but only as long as you are wearing them. If you happen to lose your gemstone or leave it behind, you may find yourself unable to understand anyone that does not speak your native language.

I lost my gemstone! Can I get another one?
If you ask a fairy or messenger bird for another gemstone, they will promptly fly off in the direction of the shrine, and return a while later with the original one you lost. Just try not to do it often, you kinda need it.


I hate samples! Can't I just reuse the ones I had from other RPs?
Yes, you may! So long as they are your own, then it's fine.

What's the character limit?
Currently you are allowed four characters. Depending on how the game grows, this rule may change.

I want to pick up a character I dropped! What do I do?!
You'll have to re-apply for a character you've dropped if you want them back. It's perfectly fine for you to re-use your old application, though. Also, they may or may not retain their memories; this is up to you.

So, what's the minimum allowed activity?
Currently, we would like to see one post per month. We won't feed you to the dragons or toss you overboard if you forget, but you WILL be listed on the activity check the first week of every month. If you are currently on hiatus, you'll be exempt from this, but only if you've posted on the hiatus notice page.

Can I apply for a different version of someone who's already here?
Sure, go right on ahead! However, some canons handle this differently, so if you have questions, contact a mod. If background and personality significantly changes (for example, certain Final Fantasy characters between their own canon and Kingdom Hearts), then it's perfectly fine, but please talk it over with a mod if you're in doubt.

Are there any restrictions on what I post?
Anything that's large font, sparkly, blinky, or doing anything else fancy should be under a livejournal cut, as well as embeded videos or music. Any explicit posts MUST be underneath a LJ cut and have a provided warning.

I changed my mind. I want to take my character from another point in time! Can I canon update?
Sure! You can take your character from earlier or later in their canon, but be warned that in doing so they will leave Skynest for three days. Like with death and re-applying, they may not retain their memories when they return. Again, this is up to you.

If there is anything you want to know that isn't listed here, feel free to head over to the Concerns and Inquiries page or contact a mod.

Taken Characters


Altair ibn La-Ahad
Journal: eagle_of_masyaf
Timeline: Post-game, during Altair's reign as Grand Master of Masyaf
Mun: Sushiandpie/sushiandpie
Instant Messenger: AIM= MimingMo, Skype= Sushiandpie
Email: mylordbyron@gmail.com

Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Journal: learnfromwhores
Timeline: Before arriving in Rome.
Mun: Lili/molesting
Instant Messenger: AIM: Assassin Order ; MSN: squalo@live.com
Email: squalo@live.com

Lorenzo de'Medici
Journal: firenzeprincipe
Timeline: Late 1470's
Mun: tokitoh/tokitoh
Instant Messenger: skype: cardinalbitchface
Email: mguth1[at]student.gsu.edu

Leonardo da Vinci
Journal: sketches_eagles
later 1400'sDuring his time in Venice
Instant Messenger:Skype: nightwishspark
Email: cloudychan@gmail.com


Journal: playstheflute
Timeline: post FE7 with Eliwood and Ninian A support
Mun: Connie /connie_connike
Instant Messenger: candj1511 (AIM); candj1511@hotmail.com (MSN)
Email: cortsy@gmail.com


Alice Liddell
Journal: aliceinhearts
Timeline: Chapter 24
Mun: your name here/aetherae
Instant Messenger: AIM•monotone days
Email: twisting.lilac@gmail.com


Journal: thehighelf
Timeline: Episode 6: Opening The Forest II
Mun: Abby/salikawoods
Instant Messenger: the pumpkin star (AIM)
Email: feymarch[at]hotmail[dot]com


Claire Folly
Journal: believeinwarmth
>Timeline: Post-third game, post-death
Mun: Aki/spectrum_seed
Instant Messenger: Ask me
Email: spectrumseed@gmail.com


Luke fon Fabre
Journal: dukes_son
Timeline: While being spirited away to Tataroo Valley
Mun: Luke/kneir
Instant Messenger: msn: despaired(at)live.com
Email: despaired(at)live.com

If your character has been accepted, please reply to this entry with the following:

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